Bluetooth on the Wandboard (bcm4329)

As you might now, I’ve recently bought a Wandboard Quad which is a small RasperryPi-like ARM development board. The difference to my beloved raspberry is, that it has much, much more features and beef (quad core armv7, wifi, sata, bluetooth…). While another post has already covered getting the Wifi AP …


Wifi AP mode on the Wandboard

Getting to ap mode has been a struggle due to closed source firmware, vendor-modified driver… I am going to reiterate the whole story here, so if you just want the solution simply skip to the end of this post. The wandboard has a bcm4329 which is a design by Broadcom …


XBMC on the Raspberry PI running ArchLinux

Finally after a very long time I’ve found the motivation to write a new post, yay :) I’ve gotten myself a RPI a long long time ago with the primary target to use it as a htpc (Desktops are powerful, but also loud and power-hungry. ARM-SoC are the exact opposite.)I’ve …