Fixing HDMI-CEC on the Wandboard

on serial and huge connection problems on client side.
But as I have come this far, I just could not resign and tried the newer version from 3.13 (again, using the backports-project). Again, ap mode worked with WPA2 and this time the error message was gone! I was actually able to sustain like 10mbit over the wandboards ap!

I wrote down my build-instructions using a Archlinux PKGBUILD file which you can find here. It downloads the 3.13-stable kernel source, the 3.13-compatible version of backports and compiles the modules ‘compat/compat.ko’,’net/wireless/cfg80211.ko’, ‘drivers/net/wireless/brcm80211/brcmutil/brcmutil.ko’ and ‘drivers/net/wireless/brcm80211/brcmfmac/brcmfmac.ko’ and adds them to the updates/ folder of your kernel. It also extracts the firmware from the archive Tapani posted and puts it in the respective /usr/lib/firmware/brcm location for the brcmfmac driver.

Afer running a depmod and then modprobe’ing the brcmfmac module, your wandboard will now support ap mode (via hostapd).

If you need more build instructions, just drop me a note.

Bottom side of processor board.
Bottom side of processor board. The white line shows to the testpoint-labels. The purple line illustrate the wire.
Enamelled copper wire from below pad of R383 to testpoint TP78.
Enamelled copper wire from below pad of R383 to testpoint TP78.
This two empty pads of R405 have to be short connected together.
This two empty pads of R405 have to be short connected together.

Thanks again Neutrino!

To me(Hanny), the needed software-modifications are far more simpler :)

Now that you have routed the cec signal to the right pins, you just need a slightly modified kernel and a modified libCEC (thanks again, mighty Stéphan :)).

You’ll have to compile the modified kernel (be sure to set CONFIG_MXC_HDMI_CEC in the kernel config) and the modified libCEC and install both (you can find PKGBUILDs for ArchlinuxARM here).
If you now connect hdmi to a CEC-enabled tv (every manufacturer calls it differently!), cec-client should spit out some data!

Compiling xbmc with


should enable libCEC in xbmc. Afterwards, xbmc should recognize your TV as CEC input device and the whole thing should work!

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